raghu-rama-krishna-rajuYCP MP Raghuram Raju said that if elections were held now in Andhra Pradesh, the Opposition would get 115 seats and the ruling party only 60 seats

He said he was aware of the findings of a survey conducted officially by his party.

The MP has also predicted early elections to the state assembly as Jagan is likely to dissolve the assembly in December to arrest the increasing anti-incumbency.

In such case, the elections will be held in March-April, the MP said.

He spoke to reporters in Delhi on Thursday.

Raghurama also said his party chief, CM Jagan, had said he would change 100 candidates in the upcoming elections, but that almost 120 MLAs were not in a position to ask for a ticket.

He said there is a situation for YSR Congress that candidates would not be found unless election expenses were paid by the party.

While we can not ratify the survey results, there are visible signs of anti-incumbency in Andhra Pradesh but it is not easy to estimate the levels.

There are also signs of the Chief Minister in some sort of urgency trying to push his MLAs and party incharges in the name of the Gadapa Gadapaku program.