Raghu Rama Krishna RajuThe YSRCP saw a persistent anti-incumbency wave in the recent graduates MLC elections. The same was showcased more hittingly and openly in the MLA-elected MLC elections today.

Notably, there’s one man to be credited fo assessing the situation internally and bringing it out to the public. The said man in Raghu Rama Krishna Raju or more popular now as RRR.

RRR was first to openly rebel against Jagan. He did so many months ago and held a program called “Rachabanda” through which he called out Jagan. He clearly pointed out the anti-incumbency wave and stood up against Jagan over his monopoly.

RRR’s rebellion came at a time when even the opposition wasn’t too aggressive against Jagan. At first, there wasn’t much credence to RRR’s narrative as many thought he was one man who wasn’t pleased with his party’s top brass.

But as it turns out, what RRR had assessed and had been claiming is cent percent true. The 3/3 defeat in graduates MLCs, and today, losing an MLC to TDP with slip up of his own MLA votes, there’s a clear indication of anti-Jagan wave.

Raghu Rama was the first to sense the strong and unmistakable anti-Jagan wave and today, the same has gripped AP and is showing ever so prevelantly as the state heads for elections in under a year.