liquor-brand-shops-andhra-pradeshEarlier this week, TDP released a report saying that liquor sold in Andhra Pradesh is of poor quality and contains harmful ingredients.

YSR Congress and Sakshi immediately sprung into action and started defending the liquor quality available in Andhra Pradesh.

They allege that Chandrababu Naidu and so are intentionally spewing venom on Andhra Pradesh liquor so that the revenue from liquor goes down and the government will be in trouble.

The Ministers and leaders are addressing multiple press meets giving speeches saying how liquor in Andhra Pradesh is of good quality.

But it looks like YSR Congress has walked into the trap of TDP on this issue.

There is nothing like good liquor. Any liquor is detrimental to the health of a person. What is this ‘Good liquor’ YSR Congress is talking about?

The clarification of the ministers looks like they are endorsing liquor consumption.

It is in complete contrast to their earlier stand on liquor prohibition.