pawan kalyan jagan chandrababu naiduJanasena President Pawan Kalyan is yet to make his political debut but he seems to be more politically correct than Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Assembly. Chandrababu Naidu shied away from Warangal by-election campaigning as the defeat of the BJP candidate is writing on the wall. A very experienced politician like Naidu could see that and he successfully evaded the blame of not bagging the victory even after campaigning.

Though politically novice, Pawan Kalyan also intelligently evaded Warangal by-election. He campaigned for some segment of Warangal in the last elections and there was severe pressure on him to campaign for the by-election but he refused for the same reason as Naidu. He even refused to give his tweet support.

On the other side a full time politician Jagan over enthusiastically campaigned there for four days despite the floods in AP. YSR Congress had to confine with a shameful fourth position and could not manage even 25000 votes. Even the people mobilized for his meetings did not vote that means. Finally, Pawan Kalyan proves to be more politically mature than Jagan