PV Sindhu's Cheats on Her Diet with ThisDiet is the most important tool for any athlete to stay fit and stand to the ground during the play. No junk, no street food, no fat. Only proteins, energy drinks, and hydration. But there is always a cheat day for the strict diet. So here is what PV Sindhu’s cheat meal is.

“Hyderabadi Biryani” is the cheat meal of the Olympic medallist PV Sindhu. Speaking of her favorites apart from badminton, she said that she loves to eat Hyderabadi Biryani. The player also likes clothing and loves to spend time in shopping. Her diet involves milk, eggs, plus fruits and for lunch and dinner, meat with vegetables and rice. Pretty simple; Is it?

She eats snacks too in the break time of her practice sessions. They are nothing but fruits again and some dry fruits. Along with all of these, she says that she intakes a lot of liquids to keep her body hydrated. Ice cream is her another favorite to cool herself after a failure as Sindhu says.