Pushpa Movie YS Jagan Tickets Price GOThe other day, Andhra Pradesh High Court has struck down G.O No. 35 which has set movie ticket prices abnormally low. The court has ordered the Government to follow the system that is prevalent before April 2021. Pushpa should be immediate beneficiary of this.

But this relief comes with a rider. Before April, there are reasonable rates in Andhra Pradesh which are upto 110 Rupees in Balcony of Single screen theaters.

But the makers were allowed to apply for higher rates for the first few days which would go up to 250-300 Rupees.

The rates will be given at the discretion of the district administration. During Chandrababu Naidu’s rule, the discretion would always help the industry.

Now, the reasonable prices of 110 Rupees are back with the court order but Government has stopped giving permissions of anything higher using the collectors.

Guntur Collector already clarified about the same. So, the issue is not solved yet at least for the big films.

So, Pushpa will not be a big beneficiary but it will be still in a better position than what Balakrishna’s Akhanda was in earlier this month. So, the struggle continues for the industry.