Pushpa Style Smuggling Scene In NelloreIt is known that Allu Arjun is seen as a cold-blooded red sandalwood smuggler in Pushpa: The Rise. In one particular scene in the film, Allu Arjun is seen throwing stones at the police to escape from them. Now, a similar incident has been emulated in a real life.

Going into the story, Nellore police nabbed a red sanders smuggling gang following an eventful chase. When the police tried to apprehend the smugglers, they started throwing stones and axes at the police personnel.

The gang then tried to run over the police officers with their vehicles. The police were quick to react and they nabbed the 58-member gang, which included 3 smugglers and 55 laborers.

The police then detained 58 individuals and seized 45 red sandalwood logs, 24 axes, 31 cell phones, a Toyota car, and around Rs 75,000 in cash.

While it might be fun to watch such scenes in movies, facing such potentially fatal challenges in real life is no joke. The police need to be appreciated for the same.