Purandhareeswari is adjudged the best parliamentarian in the country and her efforts are lauded by the Prime Minister himself. She worked efficently in her portfolio to win accolades of all. But now Purandhareeswari is a victim of internal BJP politics. When she offered to come to BJP, the party’s high command embraced her with open arms. The party even made her the incharge of Seema Andhra poll campaign. But at the end of the day, the state wing of the party let her down. BJP has two potentially winning seats in the alliance i.e., Narasapuram and Vishakapatnam. TDP is strong there and BJP has relatively good presence there. But Narasapuram was allotted to a candidate recommended by the RSS and Vishakapatnam was grabbed by the state President Hari Babu.

Both the candidates managed to lay hands on good seats using their contacts in the party despite not being popular face than Purandhareeswari. Finally all she could get is Rajampeta where TDP is weak and BJP having no presence. And now Purandhareeswari lock horns with her former Union cabinet colleague and six-time Lok Sabha winner A Sai Pratap and YSR Congress’s P Mithun Reddy.