Punganur: Peddireddy Faces A Big Challenge!Punganur is the home turf of YSR Congress strongman Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy. He is instrumental in making the party super strong in the Chittoor district.

Out of 14 constituencies, TDP could secure only one seat and even that is Chandrababu’s Kuppam.

He also engineered humiliation for Chandrababu using his financial and ruling party muscle in Kuppam ever since 2019. After back-to-back setbacks, Chandrababu shifted focus onto Peddireddy and Punganur.

In October last year, TDP changed the Punganur segment in charge, N Aneesha Reddy after hectic parleys and appointed Challa Ramachandra Reddy alias Babu in her place.

Challa Babu who was with the party for so long dramatically changed gears reaching out to the cadres and people of the constituencies.

His father and grandfather were MLAs. After the demise of his father and former MLA, Prabhakar Reddy, Babu has been with TDP since 23 years old and is known as a close aide of Chandrababu.

Challa’s family is also a money bag and his family is into several welfare activities for a long time. The cadres and party loyalists who were worried about taking the risk with a powerful minister are confidently coming out now.

In no time, Punganur is the most active constituency as far as TDP is concerned.

Punganur constituency was the stronghold of TDP before the delimitation of constituencies. After the delimitation, it has become the stronghold of Peddireddy.

Even though a long way to go, TDP now believes it can challenge Peddireddy and win 2024.