Pulivendula Gets Better Deal Than Amaravati In the 2.28 Lakh Budget tabled by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Government the other day, sparce allocation to Amaravati Capital City has become a Point of Discussion. Government allocated a mere 500 Crore for the Infrastructure Development in the Capital City, 65 Crore for Capital Region Social Security Fund and another 50 Crore for Amaravati Capital City Development Project.

In total, 615 Crore is allocated to Amaravati while around 30000 Crore worth Projects are in progress in the Capital. This indicates Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Priorities about the Capital. In comparison, Jagan’s Constituency, Pulivendula gets a better deal in the budget.

100 Crore is allocated for Pulivendula Area Development Agency. Pulivendula has got better just because it is Jagan’s Constituency. This meagre allocations for Amaravati will mean that the land Prices will come down crashing in the coming days. Also the dreams of the people about a grandiose Capital are more or less crashed.

This is very much expected as Jagan Mohan Reddy did not commit anything about Amaravati in the party manifesto. Also all the projects in Amaravati were brought to a standstill as soon as Jagan assumed the office. The future of the farmers who contributed 33000 acres for Amaravati is in jeopardy now.