Pulivendula Gets 407 Crore, But Locals Say A Different StoryAndhra Pradesh Government has released another G.O. allocating 407 Crores to Pulivendula, the constituency of Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for various development works.

On the other side, the CM recently announced 2 Crore for every constituency for pending development works. Even YSR Congress MLAs are upset about this as they say 2 Crore rupees is nothing and will be of no use.

While the leaders are jealous of Pulivendula, the locals say a different story. “Every year such G.O.s come and the CM visits Pulivendula for Christmas and YSR Jayanthi. We see a mad rush in various Bhoomi Pujas but nothing completes. There is no visible change even after Jagan became the CM,” the locals say.

“These G.O.s are just administrative sanctions. In case the funds are available, the officials can release the funds. But they are never available and are never released,” a district official told M9.news on the condition of anonymity.

“There are some very primary issues like drainage problem, lack of proper infrastructure in Government hospitals, etc. plaguing our area for many years. Given that elections are coming closer, we expect at least some of them to complete,” the locals say.