Pulivendula Constituency Will Have CM Post in 2019 - YS JaganOpposition Leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Claims of Becoming the Next Chief Minister drew so much of flak from all the corners as people see him as a power mongering leader. But then, Jagan is still not keen on mending his ways. The other day in Pulivendhula, he threatened officials of inquiry after becoming CM in 2019.

“Pulivendhula Constituency will have CM Post in 2019 elections. Once I am in power, I will order an inquiry into all your corruption allegations. I am warning you for the last time, mend your ways and work carefully,” Jagan warned the local officials of his constituency.

Political Experts say this kind of high headed warnings to government officials can backfire totally on YSR Congress. Government officials form a crucial part of the electioneering process. Tussle with them can prove to be dangerous. It happened with Chandrababu in 2004 elections.