Public Money Continues to Fund YS Jagan Tadepalli ResidenceYS Jagan Mohan Reddy and his party leaders would often criticize the previous government for alleged usage of Public funds for Chandrababu’s residences. But, Jagan seems to have forgotten all those and is now diverting the Public money to his house in Tadepalli. AP Government is investing Crores on this house in one name or the other.

Latest is that 73 Lakhs were sanctioned to set up Aluminium Doors and Windows there. The Government should have constructed a permanent residence for the Chief Minister with Public funds but the Chief Minister designated his own house as the CM Camp Office and is using the funds for his Private Property.

If an official CM Camp Office is built, it would even serve the coming Chief Ministers and would save a lot of public money. The government even laid a road to Jagan’s Tadepalli Residence and even resorted to acquiring some houses and lands for the same purpose.

Its high time political leaders practice in Power what they preached while in the Opposition.