Pawan-Kalyan-Comedian-Prudhvi-JanaSenaThirty Years Prudhvi had abruptly ended his stint with YSR Congress. He was shunted out of the party and SVBC Chairman post after a vulgar audio call leaked.

After that, the industry also kept him at a distance. Prudhvi then went door to door apologizing for his overaction earlier in YSR Congress and just started to get some offers.

But then, the actor seems to be not leaving politics. The other day, he met Nagababu and announced that he will join Janasena in the presence of Pawan Kalyan after the latter finishes his Chaturmasa Deeksha.

Janasena has faltered in this issue. Prudhvi is trying to be in the good books of the Mega family to get more offers. At any time, we will have more than half a dozen films with Mega heroes happening. So, he is hopeful that this will help his career.

But then, this is a costly mistake by Janasena. What message the party is sending by admitting Prudhvi who was sent out of YSR Congress in the allegations of sexual harassment? YSR Congress will obviously target Janasena for this.

Prudhvi is not someone who can get votes. He can not even devote time to talking about the party and even if does, the past will haunt him.

So, this joining will make no sense for Janasena.