PRP will not be revived – Chiranjeevi
Congress Minister, Chiranjeevi was advised to revive his party, Praja Rajyam by a group of leaders who were looking to jump from Congress. But Chiranjeevi has rejected that offer saying that he will not leave Congress, when Congress is in trouble. He has said that he is not a person without character and that he will stick to Congress because Sonia Gandhi has helped him reach heights and he cannot betray that mother like figure. Congress has given him the power after the merger and he will not let go of Congress by reviving his old party, said Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi, also the chief of poll campaign for Congress, has lashed out on ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy during the campaign. He has said that Kiran Kumar Reddy has betrayed them and their party, Congress. Holding on to the CM seat and enjoying the powers, Kiran Kumar Reddy has not really tried to keep the state United but after bifurcation, he has completely put the blame on the Congress government and left the party. Now, he is trying to lure all the ministers to his new party not knowing that he will fail, he added.

Chiranjeevi had to do something in the poll campaign and strategically, he has decided to corner Kiran Kumar Reddy and blame him for everything that has happened, so that he could get some votes for himself. Will this strategy work for him and his party Congress?