Murali MohanBJP led central government is claiming big credit about increasing the percentage of devolution of funds from Center to the state. However it is now proved in the Parliament that these claims are hollow. Rajahmundry MP Murali Mohan raised the issue of cutting down funds to the state under various Central funded schemes.

In 2014-15, Center has given 4561.65 Crore under this but in 2015-16, only 2348.15 Crore is given which means only half. Minister of State for Finance, Jayanth Sinha replied that several changes were made according to the recommendation of the 14th Finance Commission but since the devolution of funds increased, it will get covered.

That will mean that Center is not passing any benefit to the states under increased percentage of devolution of funds. It will only mean decrease at one place and increase at the other place. Since the decrease is done behind the doors, the center is successfully claiming the credit of increase in percentage of devolution of funds.