proud-of-you-kohli-resounds-at-ariportThe devotion and loyalty of Indian fans to their cricket team and favourite cricketers are unparalleled. This was seen recently when the players arrived at Mumbai airport and was greeted with applause and cheer even in wake of the lost match against West Indies in the ICC World Twenty20 semi-final.

The crust of the matter is that the performance of the team was excellent throughout the tournament and the fans acknowledged it. It is no wonder then that when the cricketers reached the Mumbai Airport to return their respective homes, they received cheers and applause. The airport was filled with fans shouting out the names of the players with favourites being Dhoni and Kohli and shouts ranging from ‘MSD’ and ‘Captain Cool’ to ‘proud of you Kohli.’

It is very inspiring to see that despite the team’s defeat to the West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, the fans behaved in a mature manner and sportingly appreciated their efforts.