Justice for DishaLike it happened in Nirbhaya’s where the name of the victim was changed, and we almost forgot the real name of the victim to respect the dignity of the family, the Supreme Court of India passed guidelines that hereafter #JusticeforDisha’s case would be referred #JusticeforDisha.

Cyberabad Commissioner VC Sajjanar convinced the veterinary doctor’s family to take the girl’s name as Disha instead of #JusticeforDisha. Hereafter, main media and social media must not take her real name as per the Supreme Court guidelines.

This is the right way to protect the respect of the victim and the family members in all such cases. The veterinary doctor’s rape and murder have ignited a furore of all the responsible citizens of the country who are demanding justice.

Justice might be served in the coming days, but this incident and the horror is going to stay with us whenever our daughters, sisters and our women have to go out for work and if they get delayed from returning home. It’s unthinkable! #JusticeforDisha should be the topmost priority in the country, now.

This Story done by a Mirchi9.com staffer is not in accordance with the law protecting the privacy of the victim. We sincerely apologise to the people named in this piece as well as to all our readers. We assure the readers that there is no malicious intent in our reporting and it is only a mistake on our part. Mirchi9.com adhers to all the laws governing the country. The Mistake has been rectified and with that, the persons responsible. Thank you.