YSRCP-Rachamallu-Siva-Prasad-ReddyProddaturu in Kadapa Lok Sabha segment is the Reddy Bastion. TDP managed to win the seat for the last time in 2009. In two consecutive elections later, YSR Congress won the seat comfortably.

Rachamallu Siva Prasad Reddy won both times and with a record 45K votes majority in the 2019 election. But then, times are changing quickly in the constituency.

The MLA is completely inaccessible to the people. Even though Rachamallu is the MLA, his brother-in-law Muni Reddy acts as a defacto MLA.

All the departments are at Muni Reddy’s disposal and also participate in Government programs. Muni Reddy’s high headedness is not going well with the officials as well as the people in the constituency.

Accessibility played a Key factor in Rachamallu’s second-time victory but that has become a problem now.

Most of the party cadre is not happy about not getting enough attention from the MLA.

This issue has reached YSR Congress’s high command as well. TDP may come back here in 2024 if the candidate is not changed.