Problems_for_Anna_Canteen_HindupurIt is known to our readers that Hindupur MLA Nandamuri Balakrishna has started an Anna Canteen in his constituency on the occasion of NTR Satha Jayanthi Celebrations.

The canteen will feed 1000 people per day at Two Rupees per meal.

The canteen will operate for 365 days, Balakrishna‘s wife, Vasundhara announced.

Balakrishna and his friends are completely taking care of all the expenses. But the ruling party is creating problems for it.

The vacant space in front of the Sub-Registrar’s office is being used to serve the food as it is suitable in all the ways.

Police have been pressuring the organizers not to serve food there and shift that elsewhere citing traffic problems.

On Monday, the TDP ranks reached out to the area in large numbers and asked CI Ismail to co-operate in the program of providing food to the poor and to see to it that the meal is served in an area suitable for all.

The CI refused to cooperate citing traffic problems here and asked them to go to some other place.

TDP leaders and cadre say the police are acting under political pressure and are creating problems for Anna Canteen for no reason.