India Today Survey Drastic Fall In Jagan's PopularityThe mood of the Nation survey by India Today has given 16th Rank to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. A whopping 81% of the respondents have given a thumbs down for Jagan’s performance. Jagan is at fourth rank in the same survey last year and we can imagine the fall.

Meanwhile, YSR Congress and its supporting media are committing a blunder under-estimating this fall. “Jagan still has two and half years of the ruling left. He can always make amends to the issues but Chandrababu is completely uninspiring and can not impact the people” – they comment about this survey.

However, there can not be a bigger blunder. For any government, the first three years is a honeymoon. The Ruling parties will remain popular basking on their electoral victory. Jagan has got 151 seats and so the honeymoon is so intense. It becomes further easier because Jagan is rolling out more sops.

From here, it is not easy to make amends because the honeymoon effect is waning, the bad financial condition means more problems, etc. Moreover, the TDP is being under-estimated. Any Opposition party naturally will remain subdued in the first three years.

We have seen YSR Congress’s graph surging only after Padayatra which Jagan took just before the elections. If we consider the first three years of Chandrababu’s rule and Jagan’s rule, TDP now is making more noise than YSR Congress then. Over-estimating themselves and under-estimating TDP means YSR Congress doing a blunder that will do no good to them.