Pro-TDP Media Rings Danger Bells to TDPSakshi has been writing orbituary stories about the Telugu Desam Party ever since the historical defeat in which the Cycle Party is reduced to just 23 MLA and 3 MP seats. BJP is looking to engulf the party in a bid to grow in the state. And now, even the Pro-TDP media has started ringing Danger Bells.

Eenadu, today, published a story that BJP is trying to pull out four Rajya Sabha Members from TDP. They will follow the KCR Route and will call the breakaway faction to be merged into BJP. This will get the much-needed numbers for BJP which make things easy to push the important bills in the Upper House.

Some Senior Leaders and Former Ministers are also looking at BJP, the report said. Leaders who are fearing the harassment from the State Government and Central Agencies are looking for shelter in BJP which will make them immune to all this in the next five years.

However, the big question is if this move will really strengthen the BJP in the people of Andhra Pradesh. BJP wants to build a perception of a formidable force with these joinings and the party expects the leaders with people’s support to follow automatically. The target is Number 2 position by 2024 if not more.