Pre-Wed Photo Shoots Turning Pretty Indecent!Pre-wedding photo shoots are almost a must in western weddings and west-obsessed Chinese weddings. People dress elaborately, choose exotic locations, and voila, they have an album full of memories to last a lifetime.

Cut to present-day India. Pre-wedding photo shoots are fun on the face of it if done aesthetically and more importantly if they can be shared publicly on social media platforms. However, today’s generation is breaching all traditions and customs and opting for hot and steamy shoots that could put a Netflix series to shame when it comes to intimacy.

One such pre-wedding photo shoot highlighted by a Twitter regular shows pictures of a to-be-married couple who pose in pornographic postures. But they are not alone, there are many girls who want photo shoots that are semi-nude to nude, to gift to their fiancés. Then the couples too are getting naked pre-wedding photo shoots done without any inhibitions.

In fact, the situation is such that it is now the turn of the photographers to put conditions saying they won’t go beyond a point. One pre-wedding photographer shared, he had to shoot a couple who were doing their thing in between wedding rituals, and the groom’s sister and brother-in-law joined them and he had to shoot both couples.

Binging on foreign series on streaming channels has surely emboldened the younger generation who simply cannot keep their clothes on in the name of pre-wedding intimacy check.