Praveen Prakash Coming Back To Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy specially brought IAS Officer Praveen Prakash from Delhi. He used to call shots in CMO like a defacto CM overriding the Chief Secretary.

Praveen Prakash was instrumental in many controversial decisions that were taken in the first three years of Jagan‘s rule. But then, around six months back, Praveen Prakash was suddenly shunted out of Andhra Pradesh.

He was appointed as the Resident Commissioner of AP Bhavan in Delhi. But Praveen Prakash is coming back to Andhra Pradesh.

Buzz is that he exerted so much of pressure on the Chief Minister in his recent Delhi tour and Jagan agreed to bring him back. Sources say that Praveen Prakash will be accommodated in an important position in the GAD department.

It has to be seen if he will get similar prominence in the Government just like his previous stint.