Chandrababu Naidu - Prashant -Kishor- Pawan KalyanPrashant Kishor is one of the most successful political strategists in the country. PK has analyzed the results of Uttar Pradesh in an interview with India Today.

He has revealed the four important things needed for a political party to win an election – 1. A Leader, 2. A convincing narrative about why to vote, 3. Strong Organizational structure, and 4. A sustained political campaign.

We know to analyze the Opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh in this structure to understand if they are doing right or wrong.

TDP has a leader in Chandrababu Naidu and has a strong mechanism from the grassroots. The party is building a narrative that a leader with vision is needed for the state. Otherwise, the future generations will suffer from debts and no capital.

The narrative is like okay but has chances to get stronger as Jagan continues to make mistakes. Coming to the last point, a sustained political campaign is a big miss with TDP.

Prashant Kishor clearly mentions that campaigning before elections do not fit into the bill and the sooner, Naidu realizes the better for him. TDP ticks three boxes out of the four.

And when it comes to Janasena, Pawan Kalyan is the strength of the party. The party is making an effort to build the party right from the village level but is still a long way to go. Even its support base is very much unorganized.

Janasena is struggling to come up with a narrative that will compel the voters to look towards it. And when it comes to a sustained campaign, with no second face and Pawan confining mostly to film shoots, Janasena does not even score pass marks in that category.

Janasena gets one right among the four.