Prashant Kishor's Advice to YS Jagan backfiredThe arrest of Inturi Ravikiran showed the murky side of social media politics. It is now proved that Political Punch which appeared to be a neutral platform was actually funded by YSR Congress with the sole intention to defame Chandrababu and Lokesh.

Political Circles are abuzz that YSR Congress derived its Social Media Strategy from Political Strategist, Prashant Kishor. When worked for BJP before 2014 elections, Prashant Kishor unleashed a massive counter attack on Congress government in social media which helped BJP big time.

The same strategy was deployed for YSR Congress as well but then it backfired because of Inturi Ravikiran’s Arrest. Moreover, the implementation is totally flawed as BJP’s Campaign back then is more about the corruption in UPA government but now YSR Congress’ attack is more about the Character assassination of the TDP Supremo and his scion.