Prashant Kishor To Float A New Political PartyPrashant Kishor is the most successful Political Strategist in recent years. He has been popular for the effective use of social media to influence elections.

For the last few days, there were reports that Prashant Kishor will be joining the Congress party and will try to rejuvenate the party but things did not work out somehow.

Prashant Kishor has now decided to float his own party.

“My quest to be a meaningful participant in democracy & help shape pro-people policy led to a 10yr rollercoaster ride! As I turn the page, time to go to the Real Masters, THE PEOPLE,to better understand the issues & the path to “जन सुराज”-Peoples Good Governance. शुरुआत #बिहार से,” he posted on Twitter.

The cryptic message confirms his political party and Jana Suraj may be the name.

Prashant Kishore previously joined JD(U) in tried to be a force in Bihar politics but things fell apart with the party’s high command after coming to power.

It has to be seen if people will show faith in a political strategist as a political leader even though he has influenced many elections from behind the scenes.