Prashant Kishor Submits Telangana Survey Report To KCRThere has been a debate if it is not a conflict of interest for Prashant Kishor to work for Congress at the center and TRS in the state.

At this time, Prashant Kishor arrived at Pragathi Bhavan on Saturday and almost had a day-long meeting with CM KCR. He even stayed in Pragathi Bhavan last night.

TRS sources say the meeting is continuing on Sunday as well.

Prashant Kishor‘s team conducted a survey in Telangana in two phases. In the first phase, thirty constituencies were surveyed and in the second phase, they covered 89 constituencies.

PK reportedly gave a presentation of the survey and revealed the plan forward.

Sources also tell us that KCR did not raise any objection about the conflict of interest.

There are political rumors that PK is trying to bridge the gap between TRS and Congress so as to ensure a post-poll alliance.