Prashant-Kishor-YS JaganThere has been a rumor that Telugu Desam Party is contemplating fielding Senior Journalist Venkata Krishna from Gannavaram as the candidate opposite YSRCP’s Vallabhaneni Vamsi.

TDP supporters are suspecting that this is a plan of Prashant Kishor to divide anti-Jagan media in the state.

Rewarding Venkata Krishna will automatically mean the other journalists will be disappointed at not getting such an opportunity. They will hesitate to support TDP.

Also, the news will showcase Venkata Krishna as a TDP person and will also lower his credibility as well as the credibility of ABN-Andhrajyothy where he is working.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi who won from Gannavaram ditched the party after the 2019 elections and joined YSR Congress.

Since Vamsi is a two-time MLA here and became a strong leader with TDP’s support. so, TDP is treading carefully in choosing the candidate for 2024.