Prashant Kishor Shows His Mark on YSR Congress!YSR Congress seems to be rejuvenated after the conclusion of the party’s two days plenary in Guntur. The Party Cadre has got the much-needed push ahead of the 2019 elections which is a do or die election for the party. Prashant Kishor’s impact is clearly felt.

For the first time, Jagan had shredded the One Man Show image and announced that he will be banking on someone for the upcoming election. Given that the Election Strategist’s track record is largely positive, supporters are hoping that he will bring the party to the elections.

Jagan’s Nine Welfare Promises are rosy on paper even though the challenges of convincing the people about the implementation exists. Liquor Prohibition is Prashant’s idea and it worked in Bihar. Padayatra seems to be also an idea of Prashant Kishor. Such attempts have worked for YSR and Chandrababu in the past.

It has to be seen if that works for Jagan Mohan Reddy as well given the fact he has to break the walkathon every Friday to attend the Court Proceedings in Hyderabad. Also, the walkathon is being planned early before the election. Whatever may be the later impact, Prashant Kishor definitely had shown his mark on YSR Congress.