Prashant Kishor Retires, Says No Money in YSRCP DealPopular Political Strategist, Prashant Kishor made his first Public Appearance at ISB School Event last night and revealed some interesting things about his and his I-PAC future. Prashant went on to say that he will not design Political Strategies for any political party in 2019. He will go back to work at Grass Root Levels in Bihar or Gujarat and at the same time, brushed off the rumours that he is joining politics.

He however, went on to say that I-PAC which he co-founded will continue to operate and says it is in safe hands. He also rubbished rumours that he charged anywhere between 300 to 400 Crore from YSR Congress’ Campaign. Prashant Kishor also added that I-PAC is still struggling from weak finances. “We are not there to be hired. There is no financial involvement,” Prashant Kishor said.

Prashant Kishor also added that I-PAC is highly overrated and UP results were eye opener for him. “We are highly overrated. We do not win elections. We only help increase the margins. We brought in efficiency. Otherwise we are only using methods previously employed by politicians. We did not find anything new,” Prashant Kishor said.