Prashant Kishor - YS JaganA Newspaper report has carried that Political strategist Prashant Kishor has met YSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy in Delhi and asked him to ensure YSR Congress joins UPA. Vijayasai Reddy was skeptical because it was Congress which has filed all the cases on Jagan.

“Defeating Modi is a historical requirement. Everyone will perish if he is not defeated. You will end up on losing side if you do not come forward,” Prashant Kishor reportedly told Vijayasai Reddy. The report says the MP could not refuse PK for obvious reasons.

It was Prashant Kishor who played a very crucial role in bringing Jagan to power in Andhra Pradesh. In West Bengal elections, he once again proved what he is capable of. So, neither Vijayasai Reddy nor Jagan Mohan Reddy can not afford to ignore PK.

If at all, Jagan decided to support Congress-led UPA, it will be sensational for sure. But Jagan will not risk displeasing Modi and Amit Shah for Congress which looks so uninspiring now.