Prakash Raj Points Out BJP's HypocrisyA new video has surfaced in which an obviously pleased and impressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding a young girl barely 7 or 8 who is seen singing the praise of the Bharatiya Janata Party. It won’t take long to guess; the girl is a fellow Gujju who is mighty impressed with what she refers to as ‘Bhaajpa’.

South Indian actor and public speaker Prakash Raj posted the video on Twitter and commented “There is a limit to stooping low… using children to campaign… how shameless one can get #just asking.”

Just a few days back, the BJP leaders went all out to deride the Congress party for using Congress’ Jawahar Bal Manch for their Bharat Jodo campaign. “Congress violating the law by misusing children, we’ve written to EC to take action,” said the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights chairperson.