Prabhas Carefully Handling Jagan!Pan-India superstar, Prabhas was one of the Tollywood stars who met with Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan last month. Following the meeting, the Tollywood delegation spoke with the media and said the AP government will issue a new G.O on hiked ticket prices soon.

But there has been nothing as such. Now, Prabhas was asked about the same topic as he interacted with Telugu media today and he made an interesting comment.

“I do not know the exact details. My producers would know more about it. It will be good if it (G.O.) comes out,” Prabhas said.

Prabhas’s comment about the G.O has drawn a mixed response on social media. A few social media users are pointing out that Prabhas is one of the Tollywood stars to have met with YS Jagan and he should have some sort of idea about the same. Moreover, he has a big-ticket release – Radhe Shyam in a few days.

Radhe Shyam is releasing in 3-4 days from today. But Prabhas is saying he doesn’t know what is happening with the G.O, which will play a decisive role in the box office returns of the film. If there is no follow-up regarding the ticket price issue, then what is the point of even meeting the CM?” a netizen commented.

Meanwhile, the latest rumors are claiming that Jagan has signed the new G.O regarding the ticket prices, and the same is expected to be passed soon. This is not made official though.

It appears to be that Prabhas is aware that the G.O might be issued soon and that could be the reason why he made a diplomatic comment when asked about it. He is handling the situation with great care as Radhe Shyam gears up for release.

Not so long ago, one day prior to Shyam Singha Roy‘s release, Nani said it is unfair that the government is imposing unreasonable restrictions on Tollywood. This resulted in AP govt targeting the film and enforcing G.O 35 in a harsh manner. Prabhas does not want to take any such risks now.