Powercuts: Naidu's Foresight, Jagan's Lack Of Experience!Arbitrary and announced power cuts in all parts of the state have become a big talking point in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The state has become a power surplus and did not have power cuts ever since 2014.

But things changed in the last few months. Except in towns and cities, no one really has an idea when the power comes and when it goes off. They are also at odd times during the night and early hours.

The government is trying to dodge the responsibility that it is due to the coal shortage in international markets.

But then, the statement does not take off the responsibility from the government. YSR Congress supporters are worried that this issue may dent Jagan’s chances in 2024.

This issue also highlights Chandrababu Naidu’s foresight and Jagan’s lack of experience.

Immediately after coming to power, Jagan canceled the PPAs of solar and wind energy citing prices.

Despite the central government and court rapping the government, the Jagan government did not relent. Banks even marked those companies as bad debts due to the AP government.

Coal-based thermal power plants are not at all the future for the power sector. The world is moving towards renewable energy like Solar, wind, etc. Chandrababu government rightly invested in those between 2014 and 19. Going after short-time gains, the Jagan government has canceled them and is now paying the price.

Probably, this is an example of what hurried and lack of foresight decisions can do to a state.