Power-Supply-Cut-Govt-Offices-Gurajala-Andhra Pradesh government seems to be in all sorts of trouble due to financial indiscipline.

It has come to a position that the government can not even pay rents and electricity bills of buildings housing government offices.

In Gurajala constituency, the power department has disconnected power to all the government offices due to pending bills.

In four mandals of the constituency – Gurajala, Dachepalli, Karampudi, and Rentachintala, the pending power bills are over 40 Crore.

As a result, all the government offices are in darkness and the work has come to a grinding halt because the computers are not working.

Employees and the public are at great inconvenience as a result.

The higher officials are talking with the Power department to resume the supply giving them some promises about the repayment.