power-problems-resurface-between-andhra-pradesh-and-telanganaTelangana and Andhra Pradesh are locking horns once again as the former accuses AP of failing to supply power at the pooled cost. Telangana Transco is planning to take the matter to the notice of the Central Electricity Authority and Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

According to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, AP is to get 46.11 percent and Telangana 53.89 percent from the total power generated in the two states. Telangana is alleging that AP is demanding a higher price than the prevailing market rate for the 300 MW it is seeking from the neighboring state.

But then Andhra Pradesh says the act only mandates that it should give a first buy option to Telangana which they always do but also mentions that there was nothing about pooled cost in the Act. One can conclude AP is not helping Telangana in Power issues while Telangana is not co-operating in Assets division.