Power-Hungry-BJP-Doing-More-Damage-To-ItselfBJP seems to have got into the mood to win elections at any cost. We have seen how the party let go its confidante partners in some states with the hopes of growing independently. The party is also having backdoor deals with the parties which it earlier alleged as corrupt.

The party has given more than half a dozen seats to the family of tainted Mining Baron, Gali Janardhan Reddy with the only intention of winning the major state of Congress in the South at any cost. This has happened even though Amit Shah clarified that the party has got nothing to do with Gaali.

And now a month later, Gali Janardhan Reddy was seen in the BJP Public Meetings sitting alongside BJP Chief Minister Candidate Yeddyurappa. Sriramulu, the close-friend of Janardhana Reddy is contesting against the incumbent Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah in Badami constituency.

BJP high command reportedly promised to make him the Deputy Chief Minister if he defeats Siddaramaiah and comes to power. That will mean Gali will be saved from all the pending cases on him. This Power Hunger and Do anything to win attitude may do more damage to BJP in the long run.