Power Cuts -Andhra PradeshThe Power woes of Andhra Pradesh are not leaving. Grappling due to a severe shortage of power, we have seen the Discoms announce Power Holidays from April 8th.

Initially, the government said it will be only for one week and later extended to the month-end. Now, the Power holidays have been extended until the 15th of this month.

Industries have suffered a lot during the Pandemic and are now trying to recover due to improved demand but the Power holiday pushes them to neck deep trouble due to reduced production.

Andhra Pradesh already has a bad image in the investors. This will dent it further.

There is also a danger that the existing industries may be forced to shut down.

Earlier the ministers claimed that the issue will be resolved by April 30th and it is now proved that it is just wishful thinking and the state government did not do anything concrete to address the issue.