china smog polution condomsIn Beijing, the capital of China the air pollution level registering new heights. Recently, the government issued first ever red alert in the city asking the schools to shut down for some days. This problem not only encircled in Beijing but also engulfed the other industrial cities of China also.

One can expect the sales of masks and air purifiers would scale up in the Beijing. But a look into the sales trends of which is Chinas largest e-tailer, shows an interesting revelation that the sales of the condoms and sportswear have increased in the polluted cities than clean cities of China. The reason for the increase in the demand for sportswear come as inclination of the people to exercise outside when the air get purifies.

However, it is common to expect a sharp rise in orders for antipollution products on smoggy days, a boom in the sales of condoms is little unexpected, official press report said.