Politics Brings Fissures in Mahesh Babu's FamilyPolitics seems to be bringing fissures in Superstar Krishna’s family. Krishna’s brother, Adiseshagiri Rao called for Krishna and Mahesh Babu fans to support YSR Congress in Nandhyal and Kakinada. But then, Guntur MP and Krishna’s son-in-law, Jayadev Galla refuted those reports.

Jayadev went on to say he sought the advice of Krishna and Mahesh Babu before joining Politics. He claimed that he has the support of the family and called for Krishna and Mahesh Babu fans to vote for TDP for the development of the state.

This indicates there are differences in opinion over politics in the family. Krishna in his early political days is a Congress supporter and worked for it. But for the last one decade or so, he totally distanced himself from the politics.