Chiranjeevi-JrNTRLast month, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bhimavaram and inaugurated Alluri Seetharama Raju statue. Megastar Chiranjeevi was the only Telugu film celebrity to receive invitation for the event. But there wasn’t too much noise about Chiru’s presence at the inaugural ceremony.

But that wasn’t the case when Jr NTR called upon Amit Shah and the duo met last night.

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All the focus was on the NTR-Shah meeting and almost every fan group on Twitter had countless discussions on the same. Even Mega fans, who weren’t too excited about Chiru attending Modi’s event last month are now speaking about Tarak’s meeting with Shah.

Tarak hasn’t been active in politics since 2009 but every time there’s some sort of a political development regarding the hero, the entire focus is on him. The media, social media crowd, and everyone focuses on Tarak when something on these lines happen.

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Everyone has something to say about Tarak’s meeting with Shah be it positively or negatively.

When it comes to commanding attention in political context, NTR is far far ahead of Chiranjeevi who is also not active in politics.

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