Political Punches In AkhandaNandamuri Balakrishna’s Akhanda hit the marquee amidst sky high expectations today. The film is on course to register record openings for any Indian film post the Covid second wave.

Now, coming to the topic, there are a couple of dialogues in Akhanda that refer to the recent political developments in Andhra Pradesh.

The first one is “Evado Kattindhanini Nuvvu Peekedhentra”. Balayya mouths this dialogue when an opposition group say they will demolish a property, which was originally constructed by their predecessors, if they wish to do so now. It can be understood that this dialogue is in the context of the YCP government’s demolition of the Praja Vedika that was constructed by Chandrababu Naidu.

The next dialogue is “Ammudupoina Kukkalu Moragali Gani Garjinchakudadu”. This refers to former TDP leaders like Kodali Nani, Vallabhaneni Vamsi, and Roja who are shifted loyalties to YCP and are now slinging mud on the Chandrababu-led TDP.

Also, there is this “Nee Yamma Mogudu” dialogue that was seen in the teaser. This obviously refers to Kodali Nani who uses this phrase wherever he can.

While these dialogues might not be flagrant and objective to the common audience, netizens who follow AP politics, are connecting the dots and linking them to the above mentioned developments in Andhra Pradesh.