Politics_JrNTRThe Government of India had decided to honour Legend NT Ramarao on his Centenary Birth Anniversary eve. The Government had decided to release a Hundred Rupees Silver Coin on this occasion.

It is an Open-secret that Modi Government is trying to break the voters of Telugu Desam Party using the name of NTR. This time they unleashed a shrewd political game using Nandamuri family and Junior NTR in particular.

BJP state leaders have started tweeting that Government of India decided to honour the Legend on the request of Nandamuri family and Junior NTR.

This is an intentional ploy to alienate Telugu Desam Party to give an impression that the party did not make such a request meaning it has no interest in honouring NT Ramarao.

But the fact is that only Daggubati Purandeshwari using his clout in the BJP put forth the demand. TDP did not make an attempt because there is no friendly Government in Delhi. In fact, Modi Government may put it in backburner if TDP asks to show itself away from the party.

Nandamuri family except for Purandeshwari and Junior NTR did not make any request. But they were added to the list to strengthen the case against the TDP.

It is also to be noted that Nandamuri family and Junior NTR are shown separately just for the sake of establishing the divide between them. And also, to attract Junior’s fans.

But then, this cheap politics will only degrade the good work done in this issue. To attract TDP voters or AP voters, BJP should keep its bifurcation promises than anything else.