Chandrababu naidu Yanamala RamakrishnuduTelugu Desam Party has three vacancies coming up in Rajya Sabha. Out of which, two will be filled up by re-nominating Sujana Chowdary and Nirmala Sitaraman who are representing the state in the Union cabinet. Yanamala Ramakrishnudu is yet to get the remaining seat.

Yanamala is said to be Naidu’s Crisis Manager with more than 40 years of political experience as minister and speaker of the legislative assembly. Yanamala with complete knowledge of legislative and finance matters, is the crisis manager of TDP since the time of NTR’s dethroning to the recent Roja’s suspension.

Yanamala is a six-time MLA from Tuni. With Yanamala’s political elevation, Naidu is worried if he could find a replacement to oversee the important finance and legislative affairs. The election for Rajya Sabha members will happen in June.