Police Stops Allu Arjun's CarHyderabad Police have ramped up the ‘removal of black tint’ drive. As a part of which, they are enforcing the removal of black tints on the windows of cars. Last week, Jr NTR’s car, with his son inside it, was stopped by the police and they removed the black tint from the same.

Now, there is a new addition to the list as Allu Arjun‘s car was pulled over by the police earlier today. The police stopped the vehicle, citing the black tint irregularity. This incident happened at the Neeru’s junction, Jubilee Hills Road No. 36.

Allu Arjun was inside the vehicle while it was stopped by the police. The police then went on to remove the tint from the vehicle and fined him Rs 700.

Incidentally, another Tollywood actor Kalyan Ram’s car was also pulled over by the cops earlier today. The vehicle was also fined Rs 700 and the black tint was removed as well.

As it appears, Tollywood stars will no longer have the privilege of going around in heavily tinted vehicles. The Hyderabad police are now warning everyone against using tints on the windows of their vehicles.