Nara_Lokesh_Vehicle_SeizeAndhra Pradesh police have been under a lot of pump lately as the opposition parties allege that the police department has been acting solely in the interests of the YCP government.

Cut to now, AP police have done something out of the ordinary again as they seized the campaigning vehicle used by Nara Lokesh in Palamaneru as a part of his Padayatra today.

The police seized the vehicle, saying the vehicle used by Lokesh has a mic fitted on it and that is against the G.O. No. 1 passed by the government recently. They seized the vehicle right after Lokesh completed his speech and this infuriated everyone there.

Enraged Nara Lokesh sat down for a protest along with the TDP supporters there and he stated that seizing a vehicle for having a mic on it is as strange as it can get. He stated that the G.O passed by the government is against the constitution.

The police then understood the gravity of the situation and released the vehicle from the police station. Lokesh then carried on with the Yatra.