YS_Vivekananda_Reddy_CBIA hearing was held in the Supreme Court on the petition filed by the CBI to cancel the bail of Erra Gangireddy, one of the accused in the murder case of former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy.

On this occasion, CBI argued that if Gangireddy is out on bail, it is a threat to the lives of the witnesses. The agency asked the bench to cancel his bail in order to save them.

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The CBI argued that the accused and the local police colluded to prevent the investigation from taking place.

A bench of Justice M.R. Shah and Justice M.M. Sundaresh issued notices to Erra Gangireddy after considering the arguments of the CBI.

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The court ordered the accused to reply within four weeks. Later, the Supreme Court adjourned the next hearing to November 14.

Police colluding with the accused is a serious accusation especially because the deceased is the uncle of the Chief Minister.

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It is already known to our readers that many from YSR Congress were named as suspects in the case by Viveka’s daughter, Sunitha.

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