The animosities of the ruling parties in the newly formed states of Telangana and Seema Andhra have surfaced once again. TRS chief and Telangana Chief Minister designate K Chandra Sekhar Rao alleged that Chandra Babu is pushing Modi’s government to unlawfully include few villages of Bhadrachalam in to Seema Andhra so that Polavaram project gets materialized. KCR says that his government is fully acceptable for Seema Andhra farmers to use their rightful share of Godavari water but the project is not acceptable to them in the current design which will cause lot of damage to the underlying tribal villages. Even the Chief Minister designate KCR went on to call for a bandh in opposing this.

Polavaram project is taken up as the national project by the previous UPA government during the state bifurcation. The project if finished will give lot of benefits to farmers in Godavari basin. The villages that are going to submerged as a result should be included in Seema Andhra as the Telangana government is not expected to co-operate for the project which will give them no benefit. Adding to that. it is being used as sentiment stimulating issue for the TRS.

However Chandra Babu alleges that KCR and TRS is making unnecessary controversy out of the project for political gains. He promised that his government will take care of the rehabilitation of the submerging villages due to the project. The issue was supposed to be taken by NDA government in its first cabinet meeting but held up at the last minute to study any legal implications that might arise due to passing an ordinance of including the submerging areas in to Seema Andhra.