Polavaram - ProjectPolavaram’s works have slowed down drastically due to the apathy of the Central Government and the non-seriousness of the State Government. The center does not release funds on time and the state government is left empty-handed to spend money from its own coffers as the welfare schemes are its top priority.

The previous government used to spend money from its coffers to ensure the works do not stop but the current government is not releasing funds at that level slowing down the works. Bills worth 1,650 Crores are already pending with the Polavaram authority. On the other side, the Center reiterated that it is committed to paying for the project only in accordance with the 2013-14 estimates.

That is to the tune of 20,398.61 Crore. The technical committee had accepted the revised estimates of 2017-18 but the Central Government is yet to approve the same. In the Parliament recently, the Center has once again reiterated that it will fund the project only in accordance with the 2013-14 estimates.

If that is final, Polavaram will only get 7,053.74 Crore more from the Central Government. According to the current estimates, the project will need 47,575 Crore for completion. The cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh Government can not afford to complete it if the Center backtracks.